Introduction to Plein-Air Painting


Saturday, August 3, 2024    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens

Explore the enchanting realm of plein-air (outdoor) painting with our upcoming class! Led by local artist Sydney Turner, this six-week course at the picturesque Arboretum at Penn State offers a comprehensive journey into the art of plein-air painting. From mastering the basics of sketching and gathering photo references to experimenting with watercolors, gouache, and ink, participants will delve into the diverse techniques of open-air artistic expression. As part of this class, students will also be able to enjoy private showings of the Palmer Museum of Art’s curated plein-air painting collection to inspire and admire! Whether you’re a novice or an art enthusiast, this class is designed to cater to people who are new to the world of plein-air painting, requiring no prior experience. Join us for an immersive creative experience!

  • Saturdays, July 20–August 24
  • Cost: $300 (includes all supplies)
  • Registration is required.