Cities of Goldenrod drop-in program


Wednesday, August 30, 2023    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Childhood’s Gate Children’s Garden

Explore the ecological community created by one of Pennsylvania’s most common plants: goldenrod. Penn State scientists will present a drop-in version of the Cities of Goldenrod program in the children’s garden.

In order to maintain the safety of visitors and staff, programs may be canceled without notice in the event of severe weather.

Interested in the full version of the Cities of Goldenrod program? The last session of the registration-based version of the program will take place on September 16 in the Arboretum’s natural areas. During the program, children and parents will capture, observe, and release the herbivores, predators, and pollinators that inhabit goldenrod “cities.” If you’d like to attend the full program, please register.