The dayglow mounds of Forsythia blooms are a sure sign that spring is here. These shrubs with highlighter-yellow, perfect (both male and female parts) flowers are adaptable to many soil types. Full sun maximizes flower size. A fast-growing plant, Forsythia does require regular pruning. To keep the plant looking fresh, remove old wood after flowering is finished. Hardy in zones 4–9, though flower buds will often die in zone 4 temperatures. Suckering from the roots will eventually form a colony, the best use for Forsythia shrubs is in mass plantings, in a shrub border, or along a bank.

Forsythia growing along a stone wall

Forsythia ‘Courtasol’ Gold Tide® (forsythia)

Gold Tide® is a compact Forsythia with a graceful form created by the arching habit of the shoots, reaching a max size of 2.5 feet wide by 4–5 feet high. With a heavy flower set, it blooms a grapefruit yellow hue, and moss-green foliage follows. A great selection if you’re looking for a substantial ground cover for a naturalized area or bank. You can find Gold Tide® brightening up the Fountain Garden in the Arboretum, right across from the main fountain seating area. Don’t delay — peak blooms only last 1–3 weeks!