Flowering bulbs are often the first sign of spring, with some pushing their blooms through the snow as early as February and March. Throughout the botanic gardens, more than 600 plantings of perennial bulbs can be viewed from late winter through summer.

Interested in learning more about the species and varieties in the Arboretum’s permanent collections? Check out our Blooming Bulbs Interactive Map!

Each yellow dot on the map represents a planting of bulbs, with 50 to 1,000 bulbs planted at each location.

To browse the map, scroll until you see the map and then click the EXPLORE button in the lower right-hand corner. Click on a dot or use the search function on the left to discover more about each planting. Keep scrolling to learn more about each bulb. You can also navigate through using the menu headings along the top right-hand corner of the page.

Happy exploring!