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Arboretum Avian Education Program


The purpose of the Arboretum Avian Education Program is to increase awareness and appreciation of birds, and promote the conservation and creation of bird-friendly habitat. Members of an advisory committee help to develop bird-related programs for people of all ages and to coordinate educational efforts with environmental agenices and organizations throughout the community.

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Northern mockingbird

Activities include leading bird walks, banding birds, maintaining feeding stations within the gardens, creating printed educational materials, and providing indoor and outdoor lectures and workshops. Outdoor activities are staged in the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens or in the more distant portions of the Arboretum near Sunset Park. Indoor activities are being conducted in the Forest Resources Building until an education center is built in the Arboretum.

This program was made possible through an endowment from an anonymous donor.

For more information about the Avian Education Program, please contact

Margaret Brittingham
Professor, Wildlife Resources
Ecosystem Science & Management
College of Agricultural Sciences
409 Forest Resources Building
University Park PA 16802




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