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Eastern Inner Loop

The Penn State Horticulture Trial Gardens will eventually be relocated and integrated in the overall scheme of the landscape and botanic gardens on the Mitchell Tract in the Arboretum.

The Arboretum will be a place of beauty, an important cultural feature of the University and the community.


The Arboretum's Mission and Vision

The mission and vision statements for The Arboretum at Penn State were developed in the previous master plan process and have not been altered. These statements reflect the mission and vision for the entire 370 acres.


The mission of The Arboretum at Penn State is to promote the quality of human life by seeking, through scholarship, research, and education, collaborative solutions to growing demands on the natural landscape and its resources. As a place of beauty in a rapidly expanding metropolitan area, an educational facility, and a microcosm of the human-nature continuum in settled landscapes, the Arboretum shall strive to become an interdisciplinary "institute for land health" of state, regional, and perhaps national significance.


Mitchell tract
Source: Richard Ackley
Protecting this land from intense development will make it available to many generations for both scientific study, and aesthetic enjoyment.

In the 21st century, The Arboretum at Penn State will be one of the most renowned facilities on campus, a significant scientific and aesthetic resource that will draw visitors, students, conference participants, visiting scholars, and new faculty. The Arboretum will be one of those special features of campus that strengthen personal attachments to Penn State. Its Education Center and other facilities will be the location of scientific conferences and programs for students participating in resident education, cooperative extension, and outreach activities on a multitude of cross-disciplinary topics. The foresight demonstrated in protecting this area from intensive development will be an example of the planning and cooperation possible in our burgeoning, but fundamentally individualistic, society. Reconstructions of local prairie and forest communities and the protection of groundwater resources will provide historic perspective and demonstrate the wise stewardship of our natural resources. As an outdoor classroom used by numerous campus academic programs and their clients, the Arboretum will become known for excellence and innovation in interdisciplinary approaches to environmental and conservation issues.


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