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Aerial View
Aerial View
Fracture Trace
Rock Outcropping


Eastern Inner Loop

While fields of corn are a familiar sight now, the arboretum will recreate specific habitats that have dwindled or nearly been eliminated on this land, including a savanna and a barrens community. Interpretive displays will help tell the story of this ridge and valley province, both before and after European settlement.

The arboretum will be a place of beauty, an important cultural feature of the University and the community.


Limestone Rock Outcropping

Source: Sasaki Associates, Inc.
In the preliminary arboretum plan, Sasaki Associates, Inc. stated that "The proposed character of the natural areas is based on the retention of the natural land form. . . . The visitor should experience scenery that is rural and that has depth and complexity." Because they are characteristic of the geology of this region, rock outcroppings such as the one depicted in this rendering will offer educational opportunities wherever they occur in the arboretum's natural areas.


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