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Eastern Inner Loop

Intensive displays and educational facilities will be concentrated in the 58-acre Mitchell Tract.

The Arboretum will be a place of beauty, an important cultural feature of the University and the community.



Source: Richard Ackley
This picture features a view of campus from the Mitchell Tract.

The Mitchell Tract is the front door to the larger institution, but it has a special place both in its location on campus and in the whole of the Arboretum. Therefore several important goals have guided the development of the Master Plan for this portion of the site:

To Provide a Campus Amenity Contributing to the Quality of Life in the Community and the Region

  • The Arboretum will be a gateway to The Pennsylvania State University.

  • The Arboretum will become a vital part of the fabric of the University.
    • The Arboretum will be linked physically and symbolically to the rest of the campus.
    • The Arboretum will serve as a place to gather, to hold events, and to socialize on the campus.
    • The Arboretum will be an oasis of green offering peace and serenity and a gateway to the natural beauty of the region that surrounds this urban campus.
    • The Arboretum will seek the campus community's involvement in its programs, physical development, and operations.
    • As part of the watershed for the University's wells, the Arboretum will be a working example of environmental sensitivity and horticultural best practices while serving human needs.

  • The Arboretum will be a public cultural resource serving the community and the region.
    • The Arboretum will be linked physically to the surrounding neighborhoods.
    • The Arboretum will serve the community and the region with its exhibits, facilities, and educational offerings and seek community involvement.

To Create a Vibrant Educational Center Serving the University Family and the Public

  • The Arboretum will serve as an alternative venue for existing University educational programs to conduct classes, projects, and hands-on learning.

  • The Arboretum will develop its own program of classes, workshops, and seminars for the region.

  • The entire Arboretum facility and all its exhibits will be designed for their educational content as well as their visual appeal.

  • The Arboretum will develop teaching gardens for adults and for children, dedicated to active learning and changing educational topics.

  • The Arboretum will act as a showcase for the horticultural, environmental, and agricultural research of the University.

To Provide the Region With a Horticultural Museum and Showcase

  • The Arboretum will develop gardens and exhibits to attract a diverse public.

  • The Arboretum will develop gardens and exhibits that inspire and educate visitors about plants, horticulture, and the environment.

  • The Arboretum will develop gardens and exhibits that celebrate different environments and showcase the best plants for these conditions in Central Pennsylvania.

To Plan a Facility Capable of Generating Income to Partially Cover Annual Operating Expenses

  • The Arboretum will include the facilities and exhibits with the maximum potential to make it as self-supporting as possible. The main potential for this to happen is located on the Mitchell Tract.


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