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Air Quality Learning and Demonstration Center
Bellefonte Central Rail Trail
Hosler Oak (witness tree)
Hybrid Chestnut Seed Orchard

Eastern Inner Loop


Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq. (four-leaved milkweed) has small, white to pink flowers in late May to early June. It is frequently found growing in dry upland woods.



Stage III of Planning and Design: Construction

The project management team toured a concrete box culvert during the rail trail's final inspection on November 10, 2005. This structure was necessary to prevent excessive ponding of storm water uphill from the trail.

As explained on the opening page for "Planning and Design," the third stage (construction) is occurring as donations or grants enable us to proceed with the design and construction of individual buildings, gardens, and other facilities identified in the master plans.

Each of the projects and plantings listed in the side bar offers a new or unique kind of research, education, or outreach to the University and surrounding communities. Details about each site are provided on their respective pages, and their relative location in the Arboretum is shown on the map below:

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