A sun-dappled road in early autumn along the Mitchell Tract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will an arboretum offer University faculty members, staff, and students?

The Value of Adding an Arboretum to Penn State's Campus

  • The Arboretum at Penn State will provide opportunities for research, teaching, and outreach throughout 244 acres of managed natural plant communities in Big Hollow, a 68-acre Overlook Heights teaching and research area, and demonstration gardens for home landscapes, fruit and vegetables, and flower trials.

  • As an example, we have already erected an air quality monitoring station as part of a statewide network. In response to the initiative of an individual faculty member, this area will be expanded into a teaching and research installation dealing with the effects of ozone on plants.

  • An article in the Arboretum's Summer 2001 newsletter, "Arboreta as Outdoor Classrooms," provides a student's perspective about the benefits of having an arboretum for conducting research.

  • By preserving "green space" on the border of an expanding University, in a rapidly urbanizing landscape, the Arboretum will contribute to the quality of life of those on campus and in the Centre Region. You can read about how planners have designed the Arboretum to maximize its value as a campus amenity on the Planning and Design page.

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