Richard Ackley

Learning where each species grows, and the role it plays in its ecosystem, will be the foundation of lessons about native flora.


Not Just Preserving “Green Space”—
But Using it to Teach Good Stewardship and Design

Source: Michael Hassler
Smooth blue aster (Aster laevis) is one of the woodland herbs whose habitat is disappearing as nonnative species such as garlic-mustard carpet the forest floor.

This area is under development.

Topics to be featured on this page include preserving the University's well fields, restoring native flora, and preserving the land use history of the Arboretum's 370 acres.

The vision for the Arboretum includes restoring acres of native habitat, and providing interpretive displays, lectures, and guided tours to promote an understanding of the land's history and the importance of preserving its health.

The Arboretum Ecological Restoration Group, composed of volunteers, works to support these efforts.





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