Autumn's gold brightens the borders of agricultural lands that will become the Arboretum.

Arboretum Collections Committee

In accordance with the Design Principles, Design Guidelines, and Standing Review Committees for The Arboretum at Penn State, the Collections Committee (originally known as the Plant Materials Committee) was formed in 2010 "to review proposed materials and locations of horticultural collections within the Arboretum, including research collections. This committee shall review all horticultural proposals as 'acting stewards' of the Sasaki Preliminary Arboretum Master Plan, the MTR Mitchell Tract Master Plan (if appropriate), and the Arboretum vision, mission, concept, principles, and guidelines."

The committee's first responsibility will be developing a plant collections policy.

Arboretum Collections Committee Members

  • Robert Berghage
    Associate Professor of Horticulture

  • Charles Andrew Cole
    Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

  • Claude dePamphilis
    Professor of Biology

  • Shari Edelson
    Director of Horticulture and Curator

  • Richard Grazzini
    Executive Director, Garden Genetics

  • Derek Kalp
    Landscape Architect

  • Margot Kaye
    Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology

  • Carl Keener
    Professor Emeritus of Biology

  • James Sellmer
    Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture

  • Kim Steiner (Chair of Committee)
    Professor of Forest Biology

  • Andrew Stephenson
    Professor of Biology

  • Alfred Traverse
    Professor Emeritus of Palynology and Biology

  • Harland Patch
    Research Associate, Entomology

  • Peter Wilf
    Associate Professor of Geosciences

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