Autumn's gold brightens the borders of agricultural lands that will become the Arboretum.

Design Committee

In 2004, an Arboretum Design Guidelines Task Force was appointed by the Arboretum director to extract the design principles embodied in the Preliminary Master Plan for the Penn State Arboretum by Sasaki Associates, Inc. (January 1999) and the Master Plan for the Mitchell Tract in The Arboretum at Penn State by Marshall·Tyler·Rausch, LLC (April 2002), and to create design guidelines based on those principles.

The resulting document, Design Principles, Design Guidelines, and Standing Review Committees for The Arboretum at Penn State, was officially approved by the University on April 18, 2005.

The Arboretum Design Committee, one of three committees recommended by the task force, was appointed by the director in November 2005. These members of the University faculty and senior staff will work with the Office of Physical Plant in developing the Arboretum. Their task is to review all development plans as "acting stewards" of the master plans and the Arboretum vision, mission, concept, principles, and guidelines.


Arboretum Design Committee Members

  • Dan Stearns
    Professor of Landscape Contracting
    College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Gordon E. Turow
    Director of Campus Planning and Design

  • Scott Wing
    Associate Professor of Architecture
    College of Arts and Architecture

  • David Zehngut
    University Architect
    Office of Physical Plant


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